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Hip Hop- Let’s get down to Hip Hop classes in theatre style.  Frieda Pritchard

Our dance studio is unique as we offer Hip Hop, Modern & Pilates. Our highly qualified instructors have a passion for what they teach which enables you to achieve high standards in any area you choose to pursue. Our very spacious studio enhances freedom of movement and provides for a healthy training and practice environment.
Classes are divided into age groups so that all pupils can feel comfortable with their fellow students.We cater for all ages and levels starting from age three for beginners up to a professional level.
We do exams, various shows and competitions which all forms part of the development of a dancer, thus taking amateur dancers and turning them into stars.

About Me

About Me

Brooklyn Bounz dance studio – by Frieda Pritchard

She has experience in the dance business for over ten years and is still in love with it. She has been dancing since the age of five and is qualified in Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap & Spanish dance styles.
She also studied at the Tshwane University of Technology where she graduated cum laude with majors in Choreography and Performing. Since then she has traveled all over the world dancing in various countries and styles finding her passion in teaching.

Brooklyn Bounz Videos

Brooklyn Video
Brooklyn Video

Your FAQ’s

What dancing styles do you teach

Modern &Hip hop. Please view dance classes for more information

What is modern dancing?

It’s Modern, free flowing movements, not as technical as Ballet.

What syllabus to do teach?

SADTA Modern &Hip hop.

Do you participate in competitions?

Yes ,we do SADTA and other Competitions.

Do you present shows and festival work?

Yes. This year we are using the Atterbury Theatre for the studio show and we participate in all school festivals.

Do you have studio exams?

Yes, we have exams once a year with an external examiner and students receive a SADTA certificate enables them to qualify for the next grade or level.

Do you have a set dancing uniform?


Where do you buy the uniform?

At Brooklyn Bounz.

Do you offer transport?

Yes we have a driver.

Do you get discount if you register more than one student for the same family?

Yes you get 10% discount on term fees.

Contact Us


C/O Boshoff and Dey street, Brooklyn
South Africa

Contact Us:

Frieda Pritchard

Mobile no:082 219 3615